How Often You Can Tap With EFT

by Steve

in EFT

When you are first introduced to EFT, you might be wondering how often you can tap.

Well, many people tap daily, even many times during each day. We have so far found no limit to the number of times you can tap in a day.

John, a frequent Tapper, will often tap 10 times a day for various things.

Here are some examples:

  • When John wakes up in the morning, he taps for a positive affirmation how his day will be going well for him.
  • At work, John often deals with difficult customers. When he gets upset, he taps so he can calm down and deal with the situation in a more positive manner.
  • There is always a lot of traffic going home, and when John sits in a queue and is getting frustrated, he taps to calm down. He has not had road rage in years.
  • At home, John has issues with his teenage son. He sometimes has a row with him, and gets very upset with the things the son says to him. John uses tapping to help himself cope.
  • John it’s a very active person and finds it difficult to sit still. But his wife wants to sit with him in the evening and watch TV or chat. John often uses tapping so he calms down and is able to spend time with his wife.
  • John is having problems paying his credit card bills, and he is finding it difficult to afford to buy any luxuries. He often feels upset about not being able to provide properly for his wife and child. He uses tapping to help him deal with the situation.
  • John used to have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but when he learnt how to taphe never suffered from it again.

As you can see, tapping can be used for many things in addition to being used to treat panic attacks, stress, phobias and other psychological issues.

Tapping can be used in so many situations to help you calm down, to help you cope better with the situation, or to help you remember the situation in a better light.

It is a very natural treatment, and you cannot get addicted to it. You can do tapping at any time, and you can stop at any time without any side effects. People who have used EFT on themselves for many years are only reporting positive, long-lasting effects.

So if you want to start tapping more frequently there will borrowed a slogan from a famous shoe company and say: “Just do it!”

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CiaW March 14, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Hi there,

I have a link to this site on my website, and since Gary Craig’s (official EFT) site and forums may not be available much longer I thought this would be a good place to check out. But except for the Google ads the place looks abandoned. There’s no place to ‘contact us’ or who runs the site or anything. Is anybody home? Or is this just a place to throw some Google ads?

Steve March 14, 2010 at 10:40 pm


There are definitely plans for this site, although they have been changing a fair bit over the last year. Please bear with me for a little while longer and you’ll see some significant changes!


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